Nuclear – Warning Sirens and Warning Systems

American Signal Corporation has decades-long relationships with the corporations that create energy with nuclear power. We have designed, installed, and manage the preventative for ANSs at dozens of nuclear facilities in the United States.

Formerly known as ACA, American Signal still services ACA sirens for some facilities but has upgraded a number of facilities to American Signal sirens and systems.

Our consultants provide valuable contributions to the creation of REP-10 documents. Based on our long experience with FEMA and other nuclear facilities, we will work with you to develop a clear, concise, properly formatted, and well-documented REP-10. We begin the process with an in-depth site visit and consultations with the county and plant’s emergency operations managers and their teams.

From there, we design a robust, failure-resistant system capable of standing up to the most stringent design review and FMEA. We have technologies exceeding those required for the safety of the population around a nuclear facility. The creative, flexible, and technically-sound integration of our available technologies creates an appropriate, effective, and bullet-proof solution for each facility with whom we are entrusted.

Within the nuclear power industry, security is paramount. For this reason, we will not post our client list or provide descriptions of their systems. We will however, provide extensive references and project information to members of the nuclear emergency management community.

If you are seeking to install a new system, integrate new features to an existing system, upgrade the sirens or software of an aging system, or incorporate a manufacturer-level preventative maintenance program, American Signal Corporation has the expertise to design and implement the solution and document everything for your REP-10.