American Signal Corporation (ASC) is an American manufacturer of mass notification, disaster warning, and emergency notification systems. Countries, communities, industries, military installations, and private facilities worldwide depend on ASC sirens to alert their citizens, employees, and soldiers to emergencies that require immediate action. Since 1942, in the wake of Pearl Harbor, we have deployed tens of thousands of emergency warning systems in every U.S. state and possession and more than 60 countries. Millions of people depend on ASC sirens to alert them to impending danger. We save lives every day.

ASC manufactures and integrates custom emergency warning solutions based on the robust and dependable line of outdoor emergency warning sirens and electronic high powered speaker arrays we have deployed around the world. Indoor Tone Alert Radios (TARs) deliver siren tones and pre-recorded emergency messages directly into homes and workspaces. Giant Voice HPSAs deliver live public address, siren alerts, and music to citizens and personnel around the