Siren System Design Services

System Development Services

Once the Project Scope is defined American Signal can assist in the development of the system. Based on information gathered through the team effort with the client ASC System Specialist can provide: 

System Design Assistance

Warning system coverage layout maps.

  • System feature outlines including growth potential options to meet budget constraints.
  • Communication system outlines to ensure proper communication for the activation and/or monitoring of the system components.
  • Signal characteristics analysis to ensure that outdoor warning is noticeable.
  • Budgetary pricing for financial planning of the system implementation.

American Signal Corporation (ASC) provides multiple control options to manage our mass notification systems.

ASC deploys CompuLert™, a proprietary, enterprise level, SCADA system to manage and control siren and HPSA mass notification systems. This software solution is infinitely scalable and is currently managing systems of three sirens in a small Texas community and in Southeast Asia, a nationwide system of more than 1000 warning devices. CompuLert™ systems can accessible world-wide, shared between facility and community, or secured within the clients’ domains.

With or without CompuLert™, ASC provides the CSC-960, an electronic control panel whereby the system of sirens and HPSAs can be managed from a rack-mountable console with clearly defined activation and test commands. The CSC-960, with the push of key-secured buttons activates siren tones or voice messages; issues test commands, receives siren and communication trouble codes, and alerts the operator whenever anything changes within the system.

For the simplest activation of a few sirens, ASC can install a remote activation module that can activate and cancel electro-mechanical sirens. This is an inexpensive solution for a small community or facility needing simply to activate the sirens’ warning tone. This remote activation solution can be used in conjunction with CompuLert™ to install “panic buttons” in critical areas.

There are limitless combinations and variations of the ASC activation and management systems. At the heart of an ASC system is a simple-to-understand control system built around components that have been refined through thousands of installations. ASC has not deployed the latest fad or technology buzz-word. We have not deviated from our mission into unrelated products to exploit our municipal relationships. We have blazed a conservative trail to expanding our bullet-proof product lines. We have built on our solid foundation in mass notification to deploy the best notification solutions for our customers. This is our core ability. We save lives every day. We’ve been doing it since 1942.

An ASC systems consultant will work with you to design an understandable, manageable system that meets the needs of your particular situation. Be it for a golf course or a nation, ASC has done it before and stands ready to do it for you.