Military Giant Voice

The bombing of Pearl Harbor sparked a new security concern and a need was created to warn of impending air attacks. This solution was a development of a Civil Defense siren.

Established as the Biersach and Niedermeyer Company in 1873, we began manufacturing sirens and control systems in 1942, after being awarded the contract to manufacture sirens for the United States Dept. of the Army. Over 2000 sirens were produced to be installed in the Pacific Theater for our Troops and Air Bases.

Since that time, American Signal Corporation has manufactured a wide array of warning siren equipment and radio control accessories for Civil Defense, Emergency Management, Industrial and Nuclear Plant Safety, and Military Disaster Preparedness. Throughout the past decades sirens have evolved through technology and today a new generation of a siren has been created. This development offers a Giant Voice system that sends warning tones, music such as bugle calls and reveille through wireless, Ethernet or landline connection. In addition, this system is capable of broadcasting voice messages that are prerecorded and live public address.

Giant Voice Systems are being installed at many bases today such as Nellis Air Force Base, Ft Belvoir, Redstone Arsenal, Aberdeen Proving Grounds and many more…