Outdoor Alert Systems – Saving Lives Anywhere, Anytime

Any time thousands of people gather in a single place, public safety and information dissemination becomes a chief focus of event organizers and operators. American Signal Corporation (ASC) sets the precedent for outdoor alert systems and today, remains the authority on these systems in whatever capacity they’re required.

From outdoor music festivals to stadium sporting events, our ability to construct and implement outdoor alert systems in a multi-platform, synergistic way has allowed us to serve venues of all sizes and purposes. Whether they’re heralding an alert regarding inclement weather or assisting in the safe location of a lost child, our systems span the gamut of requirements to make them a standalone option for any and all public addresses.

outdoor notification

Outdoor Alert Systems & Critical Alert Technologies

Utilizing mechanical components—including loudspeakers, lights, sirens and more—in conjunction with today’s digital technologies, we can assist you in blanketing your outdoor alert systems needs that’s encompassing and versatile.

  • Our CompuLert™ NEXGen system offers integrated NOAA weather alert systems capabilities, to keep you abreast of dangerous conditions including wind, rain and lightning.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen also offers integrated messaging and texting capabilities, which allow you to push a message out across multiple platforms simultaneously. Issue call-outs, SMS text messages, email, Wi-Fi popup alerts, message board postings and more with a single dissemination.
  • ASC hardware includes voice and tone options that present clear indications for mass notification in areas where digital alerting may not blanket.
  • Mobile and portable siren and tone capabilities from ASC make it possible to broaden an alert scope as determined by population based mapping.

ASC puts the power of far-reaching communication in your hands in a way that’s non-invasive when passive, yet undeniably captivating when active.

To learn more about any of our solutions regarding outdoor alert systems or to consult with one of our experienced techs about how to tailor an implementation that best fits the needs of your event or venue, please contact us today.