Tempest™-135 AC/DC

The UL certified Tempest™-135 AC/DC Siren is one of the latest products of American Signal’s electro-mechanical siren series. The Tempest sirens have been deployed in all 50 states, and 60 countries across a broad range of military and government facilities, industries, and communities to provide mass notification to tens of millions of people. This siren gives a rotational-directional, 360 degree sound coverage pattern. This is the largest electro-mechanical siren made in the USA. This siren is tone only and used to warn communities for all types of natural and manmade disasters. The Tempest™ 135 AC/DC siren is robust, dependable, low maintenance, and a cost effective system.

Sound Quality
Rating AC – 133 dB +/-2 dB (c) at 100 feet per ANSI specifications
70 dB (c) sound coverage of 2 mile radius over average terrain
Output Frequency: 500 Hz

Factory sealed motor bearings eliminate lubrication and maintenance.

Fiberglass hood, galvanized steel mounting platforms, and stainless steel hardware
to minimize corrosion concerns.

  • UL Certified
    Operating temperatures from -40 C to 60 C and 0 – 100% humidity
    240/120 VAC main power
    72 VAC battery systems
    21 day battery backup duration
    60 minute run time, 3/3 duty cycle, for ASC electro-mechanical sirens
    Optional 5 minute on / 5 minute off duty cycle