Georgia Tornado and Severe Weather Patterns Emphasize Importance of Early Warning Mass Notification Systems

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MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – American Signal Corporation (ASC) is stressing the importance of early warning, mass notification systems for municipalities after widespread catastrophe in southern Georgia earlier this month. The company is striving to highlight the need for feature-rich alerting systems and robust threat detection tools, which may be implemented to provide life-saving warnings to citizens living in areas with inclement weather concerns.

On January 23, unseasonal, severe weather episodes across southern Georgia caused lawmakers to declare a state of emergency in 16 counties. The situation reached its peak with a devastating tornado that moved through Cook County, GA, causing an estimated 20 deaths and upwards of $100M in damages.

Witness accounts and survivor testimony of the tornado talk about the suddenness of the situation and allude to a lack of warning about the catastrophic intensity of the weather. ASC urges local municipalities to set a precedent for safety by recognizing the extreme importance of early warning systems for dangerous weather anomalies.

ASC’s CompuLert™ NEXGen alerting and communication platform is aptly designed to function as a first alert system for municipalities in the face of severe and inclement weather. The system automatically retrieves NOAA National Weather Service Alerts to trigger critical mass notification devices and systems, acting quickly to ensure preparedness and safety. The system also allows for auto-activation on NWS/CAP events, provides unattended activation of alert notification devices automatically in response to NWS/CAP messages, increasing critical life-saving time.

“CompuLert™ NEXGen is designed specifically to stay ahead of developing weather systems and provide instantaneous alerting, be it through text message alerts, over an outdoor siren network or through a multitude of message board platforms. The ultimate goal is to save lives through better, quicker alerting,” said Richard Roe, President at American Signal Corporation.

For rural areas in particular—like Cook County, GA—ASCs emergency alert systems encompass a wide range of unique parameters. Where outdoor siren systems aren’t cost-efficient or feasible, ASCs digital message dissemination capabilities are working to save lives in rural areas of the community. The company also works to assist county emergency managers in applying for grants that make early-warning systems possible within a stringent budget.

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American Signal Corporation (ASC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of mass notification solutions for a wide variety of applications worldwide. The company combines advanced engineering, innovative software and state-of-the-art equipment with an extraordinary record of longevity and expertise in the field, to develop and install compliant, versatile and effective notification systems. We aim to save lives every day.


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