American Signal Corporation Launches Layered Mass Notification System for Campus-Based Clients

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ASC AWARE enables layered, unified notification for networked workstations and IoT devices

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – American Signal Corporation (ASC) has announced the launch of its new in-network mass notification and alerting system: ASC AWARE. This product represents the company’s investment in layered mass notification within campus-style networks and across Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

ASC AWARE is designed to effectively utilize all connected devices within a network, to distribute critical alerts and messages to an affected campus population.

Messages can be pushed to computer stations, laptops, television monitors and other connected IoT devices across the network—indoors or out—regardless of campus size or geographic location(s). The application also works in conjunction with existing alerting protocols, for layered alerting across sirens, strobes, message boards, cellular networks and a wide variety of other channels.

The remote nature of ASC AWARE notification system makes pushing notifications and updates to an entire network easy. Alerts are triggered as pop-ups or screen-blocking warnings, ensuring they’re seen as soon as they’re issued. Issue alerts manually from a central command site or pre-program them for automatic distribution on NOAA feed criteria when combining with ASC’s NEXGen mass notification platform.

“In environments with hundreds or thousands of network-connected devices, ASC AWARE makes it easy to get emergency messages in front of people quickly. This technology is an integral part of safety operations on a grand scale and a premier example of our scalable approach to mass communications,” said Richard Roe, Executive Vice President at American Signal Corporation.

ASC AWARE is fully customizable for institutions and businesses, including text, images, video and more, for a branded approach to official communications. User permissions can be granted at every level of accessibility, with a simple management interface that enables a variety of pre- and post-alert tasks to be run.

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American Signal Corporation (ASC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of mass notification solutions for a wide variety of applications worldwide. The company combines advanced engineering, innovative software and state-of-the-art equipment with an extraordinary record of longevity and expertise in the field, to develop and install compliant, versatile and effective notification systems. We aim to save lives every day.

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