American Signal Corp. Develops Innovative Siren Designed for Easy Installation, Exceptionally Clear Alerts

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Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 7, 2020American Signal Corporation has developed a new, innovative electronic siren designed for easy shipping, easy installation and easy use, ensuring individuals are quickly warned of any impending threat.

The Clarity tornado siren
The ASC Clarity siren was designed with the user in mind. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and easy to activate.

The Clarity is a high powered, fully configurable voice and tone siren that can be customized with a variety of notifications. As its name suggests, the siren provides exceptionally clear directions and alerts to individuals.

Unlike other sirens and because of its compact size — it’s fewer than 23 inches wide and weighs less than 30 pounds — Clarity can be shipped easily using standard shipping methods — instead of by semitrailer — and to be mounted and installed easily, without the need for heavy equipment.

The Clarity siren is ideal for university and college campuses and can be integrated with other technology, like the ASC Aware desktop notification system and the ASC Sentinel mobile device alerts. When fully integrated, the system has the ability to reach students, staff and faculty, alerting them quickly and saving lives.

“The new Clarity siren is just another way ASC continues to provide innovative technology and solutions to help keep individuals safe worldwide,” said Richard Roe, ASC executive vice president. “And while the Clarity siren has a wide-range of applications, it’s an extremely powerful tool on college and corporate campuses.”

The integrated system, which includes the Clarity siren, ASC Aware and ASC Sentinel technologies, will reach students, staff and faculty through a variety of mediums, quickly alerting them of any threat, from weather-related events to active shooters.

And because the Clarity siren can be integrated with ASC’s award-winning CompuLert™ NEXGen control platform, emergency managers can activate and monitor the siren remotely.

CompuLert NEXGen also integrates with IPAWS, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning Systems that provides life-saving information to the public. Emergency managers can customize the mass notification system to automatically activate based on inputs from IPAWS.

About American Signal Corporation

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