Tornado Siren Maintenance Critical, Especially During Pandemic

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Tornado siren maintenance is critical

Tornado siren maintenance is critical at all times, but especially so during a pandemic. Injuries caused by severe weather could quickly overwhelm a hospital.

Picture this: Your local hospital focuses on treating Covid-19 patients and severe weather is approaching. But, if you didn’t keep up with siren maintenance, any disaster causing injuries could overwhelm medical resources already stretched thin.

With tornado season already in full swing in the United States, it is important that you keep up on tornado siren maintenance. As a result, your emergency alert system will operate as needed and reduce the risk of injuries that could crowd hospitals.

You must conduct routine maintenance to make sure your tornado sirens work properly and keep individuals safe. Maintenance includes — among other things:

  • Inspecting the general condition of the siren and to make sure it’s free from obstruction.
  • Testing sound performance and quality, including tone and voice.
  • Repairing any loose wire connections in the control box.
  • Repairing any damage caused by vandalism, lightning or power surges.
  • Filling battery water levels as necessary, if equipped.

By repairing any non-functioning tornado sirens, you reduce the risk of failures. On May 24, 2019, in Benton, Mo., two sirens failed during severe weather. As a result, residents were angry and frustrated — wondering what would have happened if a tornado had hit their homes.

As a result — according to NBC affiliate 41 KSHB — the city had to perform emergency repairs the day after the sirens failed.

ASC Can Help Perform Siren Maintenance, Keeping Your Community Safe

Conduct routine tornado siren maintenance and give yourself peace of mind that your emergency management system will give residents adequate warning. Furthermore, inspect sirens on a regular basis and repair issues before complete failure and increased costs.

American Signal Corp. can help identify any issues you might be facing with your tornado sirens and we can provide information that will help make sure your sirens are operational. But, if you find yourself in need of a new siren, controls, or other emergency management solutions, we can provide that, as well.

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