Using only wireless emergency alerts a short-sighted approach to mass notification

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ASC emergency wirelss alerts are part of a broader, integrated mass notification system.

Emergency wireless alerts can be an effective tool when combined with other mass notification technologies.

On April 12, 2020, emergency wireless alerts were activated regarding a tornado in East Brainerd, Tenn. But as the tornado approached the community of 14,000 at about 11:15 p.m., many residents didn’t receive the wireless emergency alerts, or WEA, on their cellphones, according to NBC affiliate WRCB.

The warning coordination meteorologist in the region, told the station WEAs require complete alignment from multiple technologies to work.

“Kind of like the stars aligning for all these things to come together to … get that alert,” he said.

The failure exemplifies the need for a layered approach of your notification system. You must use multiple technologies to ensure all individuals are alerted.

Pair wireless emergency alerts with other technologies for greater effectiveness

A fully integrated notification system includes tone and voice sirens, wireless emergency alerts and more.

Wireless emergency alerts can be effective in reaching individuals during an emergency.

ASC’s wireless emergency alerts platform is a two way system, allowing users to alert authorities to emergencies.

Relying solely on wireless emergency alerts is a short-sighted approach. It requires cell phone towers to work and assumes the user has wireless emergency alerts enabled on their phone. The phone volume must be up, “Do Not Disturb” mode needs to be off and the phone must be nearby. Using only cell phone alerts also assumes all residents in an area have cell phones. That may not be the case among older and more vulnerable individuals.

Wireless emergency alerts, text messages and emails can be effective only when paired with other technologies to ensure complete reach.

And ASC can help design and develop a layered mass notification system that will help you reach all individuals in harm’s way. The CompuLert™ NEXGen technology controls warning sirens, notifications, text messages and emails — all in a simple and effective solution with a user-friendly administration interface.

In addition to its control platform, ASC can provide tone and voice sirens, its ASC Sentinel mobile phone alerts system and ASC Aware, which can activate alerts on network computers and digital signage within organizations.

For more information about a layered mass notification system and the technology you need to effectively alert individuals, contact ASC today.


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