The Internet of Things makes its mark on Emergency Management

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The Internet has consumed us. It provides entertainment and the opportunity to connect with friends and family. It also helps keep you safe.

The Internet of Things has had an impact in emergency management.

The Internet of Things has helped emergency managers keep individuals safe. IoT provides real-time data that help professional make quick decisions and save lives.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, allows users to connect a variety of devices to the web, simplifying our lives. From smart thermostats and doorbells, to refrigerators and lighting, it is estimated more than 125 new devices are connected to the web every second.

The Internet of Things also impacts the mass notification industry. IoT gives professionals the opportunity to quickly identify threats. It also allows professionals to use new tools in reaching individuals during an emergency, from weather-related threats to active shooters.

With the right technology, emergency professionals can alert individuals about threats on:

  • cell phones
  • smart boards
  • electronic menu boards
  • tablets
  • any other network-connected devices. And the technology exists today.

Real-time data saves lives

As a result of using this technology, and by alerting individuals, emergency managers can save lives. They can access actionable intelligence from sensors, weather alerts and individuals on the scene of an emergency to alert others nearby and who might be in harm’s way.

Additionally, this technology allows emergency managers to use data to activate emergency alerts only in the areas at risk. Gone are the days when all sirens in a wide geographic area are activated because of a threat that only impacts a small area.

And based on preset thresholds set by emergency managers, sirens and other alerting technology can be automatically activated, increasing critical life-saving time, for instance. Furthermore, emergency managers can activate sirens and more remotely if needed.

Internet of Things technology already is saving lives

This technology is already available and is making emergency managers’ jobs easier and more effective.

American Signal Corp. provides a variety of connected technologies that help emergency managers alert individuals of threats.

ASC’s award-winning CompuLert™ NEXGen allows emergency professionals to collect data from sensors and activate alerts in designated areas. ASC AWARE technology provides alerts through network-connected technology, including laptops, tablets, digital signage and more. Furthermore, ASC Sentinel sends messages to cell phones, allowing two-way communication between emergency managers and individuals.

For more information about ASC technologies and how to connect your emergency management system to the Internet, contact us today.


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