Satellite Communication Can Help Alert Individuals in Rural, Mountainous Regions

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Emergency managers that need to reach residents in isolated areas or areas separated by terrain have an effective means of alerting individuals using satellite communication.

In situations where radio activation fails due to distance or topography that impedes signals, satellite communication excels by activating sirens immediately, effectively and reliably. Satellite also can combine with radio for last mile connectivity to activate a remote encoder or decoder at a regional control point to provide connectivity to multiple sirens or alert devices.

Satellite Communication

Satellite communication can help emergency managers overcome the challenges of mountainous terrain and long distances.

Depending on the network, satellite communication is a cost effective means of connecting your sirens and alerting technology.

While the technology is advanced, the concept is simple:

  • You access the satellite network from your control center, like ASC’s award-winning CompuLert™ NEXGen management and control software.
  • Choose the appropriate message on CompuLert NEXGen and send the message. The activation request is sent via internet to the satellite ground station. The activation request also can be sent directly to the satellite through a modem at the control point.
  • The ground station relays the message via the satellite to a modem at the siren site or regional control point.
  • The sirens then activate based on the threat, sounding the appropriate alarm and effectively warning individuals.
  • You automatically receive a reply message acknowledging siren activation.

ASC can help you overcome challenges with satellite communication

ASC, which has utilized satellite communication since 2006, has the experience and partnerships to deploy satellite technology around the world. American Signal Corp. uses the latest technology in satellite communication for governmental applications, as well as for nuclear facilities. ASC has deployed satellite communication for a multitude of threats, including tsunamis.

Due to the critical nature of emergency alerts, ASC works with a satellite provider that prioritizes ASC alert messages. This ensures that messages are not delayed while also offering network redundancy. This gives you peace of mind that communities at risk receive lifesaving messages within seconds of sending the alert.

ASC can design a system for you that will alert individuals in isolated locations or where the terrain makes other technologies unreliable or cost prohibitive.

Contact us today to learn how satellite communication might be the right option for you.


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