Protecting Your Family is What Drives Us All Year

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As we enter the holiday season in the U.S., it’s time to focus on family. For those of us at American Signal Corp., we focus on families all year by developing the technology necessary to keep you safe.

Our mission is “to save and protect lives with our mass notification products and solutions.” We take pride in keeping families around the world safe from floods, nuclear disasters, tsunamis, tornadoes and more.

Furthermore, we work hard every day with our mission at the forefront of our minds. This helps ensure you and your families are safe year round, helping keep the holidays filled with joy and happiness.

And we’re always looking to provide technology that gives families advanced notice of threats that can put them in peril. We offer advanced warning technology that gives families time to get to safety when time matters most.

ASC develops a variety of technology to keep you safe.

ASC offers a variety of technology, likes its outdoor notification sires shown here, to help keep your family safe all year long.

ASC Technology Reaches Individuals Indoors and Out

To help keep you and your families safe, we have designed and developed and variety of technology, including:

  • Outdoor electronic and mechanical notification sirens, including our i-FORCE and Tempest™ sirens. While they differ in construction, their goal is the same: to alert individuals outside of threats.
  • Indoor mass notification systems designed to alert employees and other individuals of impending threats, encouraging them to seek a safe location from fire, tornadoes, chemical spills and more.
  • ASC Aware desktop alerting technology that allows network-connected devices — like laptops, smart boards, digital signage and more — to receive notifications.
  • Mobile phone alerts, which provides two-way communication allowing authorities to notify users, while allowing users to alert authorities of threats they see in real-time.

In addition to our alerting technology, ASC offers its award-winning CompuLert™ NEXGen premier central control platform for all mass notifications. Emergency managers have the ability to alert individuals of any multitude of threats using sensors that detect flooding, radiation level, high winds and more.

Furthermore, NEXGen allows users to target certain geographic areas, alerting only individuals impacted by a threat.

All of the technology we develop is done so with one goal in mind: Keep you and your family safe.

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