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Campuses across the United States are unique communities with unique emergency management needs that require a campus notification system.

Campus Notification System

Campuses of all sorts, like this health care campus, are often sprawling with a need for an effective campus notification system.

All communities, including college, health care or corporate campuses, need effective tools in place to reach individuals in the event of an emergency, like severe weather, chemical detection or active shooters.

If you’re considering a campus notification system, you may be asking yourself “what do I need for an effective mass notification system?”

We can help you answer these questions. But first, ask yourself these questions to ensure you get the most effective campus notification system:

  • How big of a space do I need to reach? This information is critical as it will help you deploy the right outdoor voice or tone sirens to reach all areas of your campus.
  • What potential threats do I face on my campus? Do you face the threat of tornadoes? Flooding? This will help determine the customized alerts that need to be created for emergencies that might arise.
  • In what ways do I want to reach individuals? Do I have access to existing technologies like smart boards, indoor speakers, and digital signage?
  • Who do I need to reach during a threat? Sure, reaching individuals onsite is paramount, but, in the case of college and university campuses, do you need to reach students’ parents?
  • Furthermore, were there any incidents in which I felt unprepared? Let’s make sure we design a system that gives you peace of mind.

These are just some of the questions that need answers when considering a campus notification system.

Consider ASC’s Award-winning Campus Notification System

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to campus mass notification systems. At ASC, we can help you answer these questions and more to design and develop an effective mass notification system that will reach individuals indoors and out when time matters most.

Moreover, our award-winning campus alert mass notification systems are comprehensive and don’t rely solely on one type of technology. As a result, we create a layered approach to ensure we reach all individuals when time is of the essence.

Contact us today to get started on designing your unique mass notification system.


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