Campus Alert System

Alerting individuals in the event of an emergency is critical to saving lives on your college, university, health care or corporate campus. American Signal Corp. has developed an innovative campus notification system, ensuring that individuals are alerted to threats quickly and effectively.

ASC’s award-winning campus emergency alert system includes outdoor warning sirens, computer network alerts, cell phone notifications and the ability to use existing technologies — like smart boards and digital signage — to quickly reach anyone in harm’s way.

When combined with ASC’s award-winning CompuLert™ NEXGen control platform, ASC’s campus alert system provides you with the unique ability to target specific audiences with a myriad of alerting options. Activation of alerts with CompuLert NEXGen is quick and easy, with single-point authentication that enables accessibility throughout your entire network of connected alerting technologies and mass notification channels.

ASC’s Campus Emergency Alert System

ASC Clarity Siren

  • ASC’s Clarity high-powered voice and tone siren is a perfect addition to any campus looking to install or upgrade its outdoor campus notification system. Designed with the end-user in mind, the Clarity is easy to ship and easy to install. The Clarity siren is fully-customizable with alerts and tones that will get the attention of your audience in a way that can’t be ignored or overlooked.

ASC AWARE: Desktop and Connect Device Alerts

  • To reach individuals in buildings, ASC AWARE interrupts computer stations, laptops, television monitors and other devices connected to the Internet to warn individuals of an emergency. Like the Clarity siren, ASC AWARE is completely customizable by emergency managers to be most effective in time of emergency. ASC also can offer technology that can tap into existing warning systems and Internet-connected devices, like smart boards and digital signage, ensuring that all individuals are alerted to an emergency.

ASC Sentinel: Mobile Device Alerts

  • ASC’s Sentinel technology can reach individuals’ cell phones, sending alerts to potentially impacted students, staff or faculty. Furthermore, ASC Sentinel offers two-way communication, giving individuals the opportunity to alert authorities to emergencies, whether it be weather related, fires, or active shooters.

Proven Reliability

campus alert system

Unlike so many campus alert systems, American Signal Corp. technology adapts as other technologies evolve — providing longer life and a better return on investment.

  • ASC is continually improving its campus emergency alert system, supporting existing products with integration options to the newest product architecture. Our products reflect our dedication to continued excellence and customer value.
  • Dedicated support and accessibility to ASC professionals means you’ll receive the latest upgrades and features for your campus notification system and you’ll always have a reliable resource for troubleshooting and error resolution.

With continued innovation and constant improvement, ASC’s campus alert system continually becomes more effective. By providing hardware and software solutions to your campus environment, we’re saving lives in areas that expand beyond a single building and in environments that are becoming more susceptible to threats with each passing year.

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