Campus Alert System

Promoting safety across every square foot of your campus with the American Signal campus alert system. For schools, healthcare facilities and corporate offices, communication must span far beyond just a single building: it needs to cover your entire campus. American Signal Corporation (ASC) leverages integrated alerting systems that are ideally suited for campus alert and notification, making sure your communications are received by all, in a way that cannot be ignored or overlooked.


Authentication throughout your campus’ mass notification systems shouldn’t be hard, and with CompuLert™ NEXGen, it isn’t. Activation of CompuLert™ NEXGen is quick and easy, with single-point authentication that enables accessibility throughout your entire network of connected alerting technologies and mass notification channels.

Superior Campus Alert System and Integration

ASC’s proven reliability makes our campus alert system a standard on school, healthcare and corporate campuses around the United States. With the ability to tailor solutions to fit your facilities’ unique needs, along with powerful options to ensure controlled alerting across numerous platforms, ASC is a cornerstone of campus safety protocols.

Our CompuLert™ NEXGen system integrates across all mediums and technologies to ensure the word gets out to everyone who needs to hear it.

  • ASC offers both the hardware and the software needed for mass alerting—from horns and sirens, to alerting dashboards and digital communication infrastructures.
  • Integrated communication channels allow you to push a message out across multiple platforms simultaneously. Issue call-outs, SMS text messages, email, Wi-Fi popup alerts, message board postings and more with a single dissemination.
campus alert system

Proven Reliability

American Signal products stand the test of time. Instead of becoming antiquated like so many campus technologies, our systems can be adapted and refined to meet new challenges, providing longer life and a better return on investment.

  • Continuous improvement practices by ASC means constant betterment of products you’ve already invested in—supporting existing products with integration options to the newest product architecture. Our products reflect our dedication to continued excellence and customer value.
  • Dedicated customer support and 24/7 accessibility to ASC trained professionals means you’re never left out of the loop on new upgrades and features, and that you always have a reliable resource for troubleshooting and error resolution.

With continued innovation and constant improvement, our systems don’t become antiquated: they become more effective. In providing hardware and software solutions to your campus environment, we’re continuing to save lives in areas that expand beyond the four walls of a single building, in environments that are becoming more susceptible to threats with each passing year.