The Central Station Controller 960 is a Status Encoder and siren control unit, capable of activating siren sites via TTS, DTMF, or FSK individually, in groups or all at once. The CSC-960™ command and control system is designed for ease of use and simplicity of activation; inserting and turning the key unlocks the control panel and pushing the appropriate button activates predetermined sites with pre-programmed audible alerts.

The CSC-960™ is equipped with battery backup to provide a minimum of eight hours of continuous operation in the event of main power failure, to ensure the utmost reliability of the siren controller.

This siren control unit has a key lock to secure the keypad; four LED’s to indicate power, status of the RF carrier, Cancel, and a spare function; and ten programmable function keys on the face of the unit. The keys of this command and control system may be programmed to execute a variety of activation commands across the managed sirens and HPSAs.


Universal Remote Terminal Unit

The Universal Remote Terminal Unit (U-RTU™) is a powerful and innovative siren controller capable of both control activation and data acquisition or local data processing only.

The results of nearly 20 years of experience satisfying our customers, the U-RTU™ siren controller is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility, offering digital FSK, DTMR and TTS tone and data decode compatibility, as well as radio communication bandwidth versatility. The U-RTU™ is capable of being activated and test from multiple encoder locations.

In Two-Way Control and Status system, siren control and the monitoring of siren operation, or fault conditions, are accomplished in the U-RTU’s™ computer.

Combine our standard U-RTU™ with our CSC-960™ central encoder for any electromechanical or electronic voice siren for a complete command and control system.

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