For institutions or companies with thousands of computer stations, laptops, television monitors and other connected IoT devices, connectivity in the event of a threat is paramount. American Signal Corporation (ASC) answers the call for preparedness with our ASC AWARE notification system. It ensures any internet-enabled device connected to your server is ready to receive notice of a threat if or when one arises. ASC AWARE notification system supports completely customizable notifications, including text, picture and video. The ability to template alerts enables emergency managers to pre-load messages into the system, for instant execution in a moment of crisis. Alerts are triggered as pop-ups or screen-blocking warnings, ensuring they’re seen as soon as they’re issued. Issue alerts manually from a central command site or pre-program them for automatic distribution on NOAA feed criteria.

Emergency managers are given complete control in customizing ASC AWARE notification system. User
permissions can be granted at every level of accessibility, with a simple management interface that allows for a variety of pre- and post-alert tasks to be run. This includes report generation, user permissions setting and backups to a server. Customize the platform with your school or business’ branding for authentic recognition and system integration.

The remote nature of ASC AWARE notification system makes pushing notifications and updates to an entire network easy. And, with CompuLert™ NEXGen integration, the platform can be leveraged into an already-robust emergency management system with simplicity. For campuses and geographically-separated worksites, there’s no more effective option for alerting across network-connected devices.


Getting alert messages out in front of the users who need to see them is paramount. ASC AWARE notification system offers simplicity for quick deployment and far-reaching impact that ensures they won’t go ignored or overlooked.

  • Create and re-use alerting templates specific to your location or organizational protocols, to ensure rapid messaging with appropriate instruction. Optional preset alerts also allow managers to send alerts based on preset groups of users.
  • Send undeniable alerts with custom text, pictures and/or video w/duration, as pop-up messages or to block the entire screen. User acknowledgement receipts are even sent for emergency managers to review.
  • Enjoy a simple manager user interface that makes tasks like creating alerts, user management and report generation from audit logs easy and efficient.
  • Alert messaging benefits from international language support and can be supplemented with text and email third-party access. Mobile notifications can also be sent to registered users through the ASC SENTINEL mobile app, to further increase the broad distribution of alert messaging.


Myriad features make ASC AWARE notification system a powerful tool for emergency managers, both as alerts are being issued and after a threat has passed. Strong data and smart function provide much-needed insight into the efficacy of alerts on their intended population.

  • After dismissing alerts, emergency managers can reopen them or choose to maintain active alerts as-needed, based on the situation.
  • Clients have the option to use backup servers, enabling them to generate alert history reports based on archived alerts.
  • Utilize the ability to pre-schedule alerts or set up automatic alert triggering via NOAA feed criteria through ASC’s CompuLert™ NEXGen platform.


Configure ASC AWARE notification system to meet the specific visual and functional needs of your institution, for seamless integration into your emergency management operations. The platform supports a full gamut of customizable variables, including:

  • Tailor the program’s interface around your institution or business’ branding — colors and images — for a fully-custom look and feel.
  • A high-security design enables administrators to assign specific permissions across the app, supporting all levels of user interaction.
  • Remote update client and server software enables the app to be updated remotely, with no need to visit each individual device across a network.

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