Giant Voice & Military Mass Notification Systems

As a tenured recipient of military contracts for giant voice military mass notification and military emergency alert systems, American Signal Corporation (ASC) maintains a refined understanding of the expectations and qualifications required to execute system installations to the fullest. Our product solutions and installations are designed to meet or exceed the United Facilities Code (UFC) 4-021-01.

ASC presents a wide offering of standard products with the added ability to customize solutions that fit the unique requirements of your military installation. Our capabilities are highly adaptable and scalable, making our solutions the right fit in a wide range of base or facility settings.

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Proven Reliability in Giant Voice Military Mass Notification Systems

There is no margin for error in the realm of military mass notification. ASC designs systems that are faultless, redundant and substantive, to ensure multi-system integration that’s never compromised and always accurate.

  • Our systems are designed and manufactured in the United States, ensuring full-scale reliability, and are supported by technicians that understand the finer workings of each unique installation.
  • Our systems are redundant and reliable, with backup and failsafe measures in place to ensure the call always goes out and is always received.

Military Sector Experience

With a deep understanding of military and federal codes, specifications and requirements, ASC is pleased to be a tenured recipient of military contracts. Our solutions have been designed and delivered to large, multi-building base complexes, as well as simple, single geographically-separated units.

We also have a dedicated sales and support staff that includes former military personnel, who understand the nuances of obtaining and executing government contracts.

Life-Saving Integration

From voice and tone speaker arrays and strobe light warnings, to digital dissemination of critical information and updates, our integrated military notification systems are comprehensive and immensely functional.

  • Our systems have the ability to integrate and function with existing Desk Top Alert (DTA) and AtHoc network crisis communication systems.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen collaborates with or piggybacks existing site fire panels, including those by SimplexGrinnell, Siemens, Monaco, Honeywell, Tyco and Johnson Control systems.
  • ASC provides both hardware and software solutions, encompassing the complete range of facility communication channels into a multi-level, vertically-integrated approach to notification.

ASC stands at the forefront of government mass notification and emergency alerting systems. We’re on the front line of defense against the worst of the worst, protecting staff and providing military personnel with the information and tools for complete peace of mind. Our hardware and software solutions are responsible for real-time, actionable communications, imperative to base operations.

CAGE code: 0Z7PS

Applicable NAICS codes: 238210, 334220, 334290, 335999, 517410, 811213

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