Serving Local and National Governments to the Fullest with Tornado, Flood, Hurricane and Weather Alert Systems

Government weather alert systems are among the most essential means of alert for citizens. American Signal Corporation (ASC) is on the cutting edge of government and municipal emergency alert systems, building solutions that deliver information quickly and accurately to the people who need it. From our weather alert systems, tornado alert system, flood alert system, hurricane warning siren to civil defense situations and beyond, we offer the tools and technologies needed to maintain safety and order, from the largest metropolitan area to the smallest township.

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 Fault-Tolerant Reliability

Failure is never an option for government mass notification and emergency alerting—the health and safety of hundreds of thousands or even millions of citizens hang in the balance. ASC systems put reliability above all else, to guarantee seamless functionality under the duress of any adversity.

  • CompuLert™ NEXGen command and control platform architecture supports deployment in HIGH-AVAILABILITY and FAULT-TOLERANT information technology configurations. Access to the system is possible from numerous gateways, and is designed to function even if partial outages occur.
  • The communications infrastructures we design are in place protecting municipalities around the world and CompuLert™ NEXGen has been certified by Motorola® Solutions in public safety radio systems.

Best-in-Class Cyber Security

In an age of cyber-terrorism, data breaches and sensitive information hacking, ASC is designing notification systems that offer unmitigated protection against malicious attacks.

  • All network connections use a secure SSL connection to prevent snooping or “Man-In-The-Middle” attacks. CompuLert™ NEXGen is also capable of working with entirely isolated network resources, with no dependence on cloud resources or internet access, aside from the optional NOAA feed.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen protocol messages exchanged between the server and clients are encrypted at application level. The application uses the symmetric Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encrypting messages.

 Robust Threat Detection and Alerting

From weather to civil defense and beyond, precise alerting requires a collection of integrated capabilities. ASC designs systems with the capability to detect, alert and monitor threats in real time.

  • Severe weather: Integrated flood and wind sensors measure the significance of inclement anomalies, reporting and mapping for continuous, up-to-date alerting.
  • Civil defense: Chemical and radiation sensors offer early detection, while reverse 911, text alerting, emailing, Wi-Fi alerting and instant messaging offer multi-channel communication.
  • Landslide: ASC rainfall monitoring and earth movement sensors provide early detection and anticipation for landslide events in equatorial countries around the world.

Our technologies offer reliability, security and multi-channel alerting capabilities that put them at the front lines of public safety. Municipalities investing in smarter, better ways to protect their citizens are turning to ASC because we put a premium on innovation, promoting safety for years to come.

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