American Signal Corporation’s premier central control platform for all mass notifications.

Our system has been purposefully built to provide the ultimate mobility, reliability, and performance as an industry-leading mass notification platform. Cloud enabled, available as SaaS (Software as a Service), or on premises, CompuLert™ NEXGen is the only multi-threat detection multi-channel mass notification platform capable of interfacing with virtually any threat detection device and communicate life safety information over a myriad of technologies. CompuLert™ NEXGen sets itself apart in any further mass notification system comparison:

  • CompuLert™ NEXGen’s architecture was developed to support large, nationwide disaster management and emergency communications systems, down to individual small cities and villages. It provides our clients – and system integrators – with the ultimate capabilities to develop specific, robust solutions.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen is a powerful mass notification platform, capable of seamlessly integrating critical communications systems with distributed data collection and sensing equipment, to provide custom life safety solutions.

What can CompuLert™ NEXGen do?

CompuLert™ NEXGen provides simple, effective solutions to monitor and control emergency siren systems, while also maintaining a user-friendly administration interface. From one siren system to thousands of sirens located in separate geographic regions, CompuLert™ NEXGen provides intuitive command and control capabilities.

CompuLert™ NEXGen’s integration capabilities also provide advanced detection and warning capabilities to pre-existing system networks. The CompuLert™ NEXGen platform includes both hardware and software. Hardware is fully-integrated with ASC’s full line of emergency warning sirens, and can also be interfaced with numerous sensing and detection devices. In a mass notification system comparison, no other system offers this level of functional integration.

Integrated sensing can include:

  • Wind speed detection
  • Radiation detection
  • Chemical detection
  • Water level detection
  • Lightning detection

Design Philosophy

Building upon CompuLert’s 30-year reputation of proven reliability, CompuLert™ NEXGen has been designed to support Fault Tolerant deployments. Its N-Tier platform architecture supports distributing service layers across physical hardware and geographical locations, while maintaining data integrity and providing fault tolerance.

As the command and control hub for mission critical “life safety” systems, CompuLert™ NEXGen can be deployed in several high-availability and fault-tolerant scenarios. The entire application can be installed on a single PC, providing industry-leading features and capabilities within budgetary constraints, or installed on one or many servers to ensure availability during man-made or natural disasters. In a mass notification system comparison, CompuLert™ NEXGen stands out as ultimately reliable in all situations.


  • CompulertTM NEXGen Server
  • CompulertTM NEXGen Client
  • CompulertTM NEXGen RTU

Features – Mass Notification System Comparison

Robust Alerting & Activation
mass notification systems comparison
  • Interface with National Weather Service Alerts (NOAA) and FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS): Automatically retrieve alert messages to activate critical mass notification devices and systems. When identical alerts come through multiple sources, CompulertTM NEXGen has the option to respond only to the first one.
  • Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) compliant: Fully supports consuming and originating CAP-compliant messaging.
  • Auto-Activation: Provides unattended activation of alert notification devices automatically in response to NWS/CAP messages, increasing critical life-saving time.
  • Remote activation: Access your control dashboard from any device, for instant, up-to-date information and monitoring.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen rules engine: Emergency managers can adjust their filters to allow only relevant alerts to come through, and activate devices only in designated areas.
User-friendly UI, Feature-rich UX
circle features
  • Dynamic Mapping: Multiple map sources available to provide improved situational awareness. Google Earth, OpenStreet Maps, ESRI GIS, Microsoft Bing and more.
  • Population-based coverage reporting: Capable of using population data to determine potentially-affected populations.
  • Siren sound coverage: Ability to display siren device coverage areas on dynamic maps.
  • Fleet management: Hierarchical logical structure allows geographically-separated locations to integrate into a unified, seamless data presentation and command and control system.
Multi-channel Notification Capabilities
siren status
  • Tiered architecture by design: CompuLert™ NEXGen is a true multi-tier client server application based on leading-edge architecture and global mobile technologies, providing a seamless transition from traditional desktops to tablet and mobile platforms.
  • Compatible with existing outdoor sirens: Designed to work with ASC-brand sirens seamlessly, as well as alerting and communication devices from numerous other manufacturers.
  • Multiple communication channel support: Ability to manage multiple simultaneous communication channels utilizing dissimilar technologies. CompuLert™ NEXGen includes an intelligent communications management engine that coordinates emails, SMS messages, phone calls, digital signage and more.
NOAA Alert
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen provides security at varying layers to protect against external threats. Sensitive data for the application is secured to protect against inappropriate user input as well. All access to administration features is password protected and requires authentication. The passwords have been encrypted to further protect from malicious access.
  • All network connections use a secure SSL connection to prevent snooping or “Man-In-The-Middle” attacks. CompuLert™ NEXGen is also capable of working with entirely isolated network resources, with no dependence on cloud resources or internet access, aside from the optional NOAA feed.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen protocol messages exchanged between the server and clients are encrypted at application level. The application uses the symmetric Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encrypting messages.
coming soon
  • Mass notification platforms
  • Campus warning systems
  • Flood detection and warning systems
  • Severe weather warning systems
  • Hazmat detection and warnings
  • Radiological detection and warnings
  • Critical communications servers
  • Emergency response organization notifications
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