Nuclear Peace of Mind with the American Signal Nuclear Warning Siren Systems

At American Signal Corporation (ASC), our dedication to designing, manufacturing, integrating, deploying and maintaining nuclear warning siren and warning systems for a nuclear power plant or a fleet wide program makes us a solutions-based company, putting our clients in the top quartile in performance indicators for their ANS systems.

ASC has the subject matter expertise to develop complete mass notification solutions for the nuclear power generation industry. Notification of the plant’s Emergency Response Organization (ERO), at-risk counties, or the general public requires highly available, fault tolerant, and feature-rich integrated solutions—all of which we plan for and provide.

Nuclear Warning Siren Life-Saving Reliability

Nuclear warning siren systems must perform when called upon, without exception. ASC provides the highest reliability solutions by design.

  • Tempest™ Sirens and i-FORCE High Powered Speaker Arrays were developed to provide the performance and reliability required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission through quality of design and redundant power supply configurations.
  • CompuLert® NEXGen command and control platform architecture supports deployment in HIGH-AVAILABLITY and FAULT-TOLERANT information technology configurations.

The communications infrastructures we design are in place at nuclear plants around the country and CompuLert™ NEXGen has been certified by Motorola® Solutions in public safety radio systems.

Nuclear Warning Siren

 Feature-Rich Capabilities

Robust and innovative features encompass the needs of nuclear facilities, to meet the demands of regulatory agencies and safety standards across the board, without fail.

  • Population based coverage analysis and ERO alerting are available in the CompuLert™ NEXGen mass notification platform. These features calculate the affected population area during an ANS component outage, while supporting triggered alerts for ERO and plant management.
  • Fleet wide visibility and management is possible through CompuLert™ NEXGen’s advance communications and routing protocols. Nuclear generation companies can now attain fleet-wide visibility to all plants in one hierarchical system, simplifying reporting and management.
  • Common Alerting Protocol compliant for greater interoperability with public and private mass notification systems.

Viably Low Cost of Ownership

ASC’s solutions work to minimize the total cost of ownership in today’s more competitive energy production markets, where the rising production of LNG has everyone looking more closely at operating expenses.

  • Tempest™ Sirens and High Powered Speaker Arrays have all been designed to provide the highest systems reliability with the lowest maintenance requirements.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen’s available predictive failure modeling allows for more efficient scheduling of planned maintenance events, further avoiding costly unplanned maintenance.
  • ASC’s mass notification solutions leverage today’s well known protocols—such as TCP/IP communications and well known RF protocols—to reduce the need for specialized support.

Experienced in the development of Outdoor Sound Propagation Models (OSPM), robust alert and notification siren system infrastructures, and FEMA REP-10 documentation, ASC provides complete solutions for the nuclear industry. 

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