Service and Maintenance

In conjunction with highly qualified and expertly trained factory service technicians, American Signal Corporation (ASC) is pleased to be able to provide comprehensive training to any local communications technicians and electrical contractors who may be charged with maintaining your mass notification and emergency alert systems. Our goal is to ensure your system is always properly served, maintained and repaired, so that when the time comes to use it, it will always respond optimally.

ASC goes a step beyond when it comes to ensuring the stability of your emergency alert system for the duration of its use. To facilitate system sustainability, we offer on-site training of maintenance contractors during the initial installation, so that appropriate maintenance and repair procedures are learned and any future enhancements or changes to the system can be implemented locally, easily and inexpensively. To eliminate the complication and expense of factory service technicians being onsite for warranty or service, local service organizations can be utilized to ensure quick response and minimal down time.

In addition to providing encompassing outlets for complete system repair and maintenance, those clients utilizing the CompuLert™ wireless SCADA system are afforded the opportunity to engage in online training through remote access software. With the remote access software, ASC factory engineering specialists will provide training to operators and system maintenance personnel, again reducing cost for additional operator training as new operators come into the system.

For complete peace of mind and simplicity of service, ASC also provides extensive service and maintenance contracts during and after the warranty period for every system we manufacture. This ensures that the system is maintained in peak condition and to factory specifications throughout its tenure of service!

For more information about ASC’s dedication to address any and all service and maintenance needs for our emergency alert systems, please contact us today!

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