Executive Leadership

Dale A. Moeller, President

Mr. Moeller has more than 35 years’ experience as a pioneer of mass notification and life safety systems.

Richard D. Roe, Executive Vice President

Twenty three years of experience designing, installing, and supporting mass notification systems coupled with a diverse technical background and business acumen, Mr. Roe provides the strategic leadership for ASC during it’s journey to be the “World leader of engineered mass notification solutions!”. Beginning at PSEG Nucler in 1996, Mr. Roe was responsible for the design and performance of Alert & Notification Systems surrounding the Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Stations in New Jersey and Delaware. Over the years Mr. Roe has designed, implemented, and supported the Alert & Notification Systems at over 40% of operating nuclear reactors throughout the United States. A proud veteran Mr. Roe’s career began in the United States Air Force’s 389th Fighter Squadron supporting analog and digital “fly-by-wire” flight control and instrumentation systems on the General Dynamics F-16 Multi-Role fighter aircraft. After serving Mr. Roe worked at PSEG Nuclear LLC, Telcordia Technologies (Bell Labs), and then started his tenure with Mr. Moeller at American Signal Corporation.

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