ASC prides itself on being a custom mass notification solutions company. We don’t just provide the products you need, we provide the framework, components, support and anything else you require to cast a veil of safety over those relying on first alert and early warning systems.

Our capabilities encompass complete end-to-end development for mass notification solutions, including command and control, integrating communications infrastructures and equipment, and individual notification devices.

We’re versed in all mediums to ensure your message is seen or heard by everyone who will benefit from it—count on us for sirens, digital signage, email, SMS, phone, voice sirens, LED boards and more. Moreover, we directly integrate every alert medium with sensors designed specifically for unique implementations, from flooding to inclement weather, radiation hazards to chemical exposure and beyond.

Our tailored systems are supported by the best minds in the industry and experienced veterans who understand what’s at stake. ASC’s staff includes Subject Matter Experts (SME) who identify system demands based on present variables; Solution Engineers (SE) who design the technologies based on these unique needs; and Solution Architects (SA) who work directly with our customers to build systems to spec and ensure top-tier functionality once they’re in place. Solution-based thinking is at the heart of our business, which means it’s present at the core of our thinking.

An emphasis on creating customized and tailored solutions has led ASC to be innovative, agile and technologically adept to our customers’ needs. We’re the experienced choice for total alert solutions.

ASC’s Complete Integrated Solution
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