Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting Illustrates the Critical Importance of Emergency Alert Systems and Mass Notification Platforms

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MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – In the wake of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting on Friday, January 6, 2017, American Signal Corporation (ASC) is illustrating the tremendous importance of life-saving emergency alert systems and mass notification platforms, and their ability to relay accurate, vital information in real-time.

An airport is an epicenter for communication and a hub for activity—making it one of the most difficult places to implement a widespread communication system and actionable notification plan. Emergency alerts need to reach first responders, people within the affected area, those inbound to the airport, local municipalities and a wide range of secondary dissemination sources.

Through ASC’s Compulert™ NEXGen platform, integration of indoor, outdoor and digital airport notification systems is possible, to provide blanketing information in a time of crisis. Compulert™ NEXGen ties outdoor alert sirens, indoor lighting and sound systems, and multi-level digital platforms together through a managed dashboard that expedites the relay of information. The result is a cohesive, controlled dissemination of information in the form of message board posts, emails, texts and other alerts, alongside on-site sirens.

“The most important variable in a situation like this is time, and it’s imperative to take action quickly, with precision. Making people aware of a dangerous situation, the nature of that situation and helping them to make smart decisions to protect themselves and others is paramount,” said Richard Roe, President of American Signal Corporation. “And, it’s not enough to get information in front of people—it has to be accurate, actionable information.”

During the event, several instances of misinformation created further panic. False reports of a second shooter led to at least three instances of stampedes, causing more than 40 injuries of sprains and broken bones. Inaccurate reports of the shooter traveling to additional terminals caused further chaos and confusion throughout the airport, inciting panic.

“In situations like this—where there is an active and potentially mobile threat to a large number of people in a public place—being able to communicate accurate information in real time is absolutely critical,” said Roe. “It’s because of new-age mass notification systems that we’re able to provide emergency responders and public channels with critical information, as well as people in proximity to the event. Information enables action and the right actions save lives.”

Compulert™ NEXGen enables the proper dissemination of life-saving information by affording operators control over all facets of a situation. Through its dashboard, operators can monitor a crisis in real-time, craft messages based on developments, choose dissemination channels and relay information instantly.

Moreover, because of its dynamic and robust capabilities, the NEXGen dashboard can be utilized from a single base of operations, in mobile situations or by a single user, to ensure the rapid, accurate handling of information.

For more information about ASC products and how they can be leveraged in emergency situations akin to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting, please visit https://www.americansignal.com/.

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American Signal Corporation (ASC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of mass notification solutions for a wide variety of applications worldwide. The company combines advanced engineering, innovative software and state-of-the-art equipment with an extraordinary record of longevity and expertise in the field, to develop and install compliant, versatile and effective notification systems. We aim to save lives every day.


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