ASC: More than a Tornado Siren Company

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Welcome to the American Signal Corporation blog, where we will provide emergency management professionals with the information you need to deploy an effective emergency management system that can ultimately help save lives. We’ll offer best practices and considerations when building a mass notification platform and show you how we can help.

We’ll also use this space to respond to industry trends and other news related to emergency management.

Having gotten its start in 1942 innovating first alert and early warning systems, ASC continues to develop advanced mass notification systems that go well beyond tornado sirens. We develop technology that exceeds the needs of emergency management professionals, helping them reach the right audience before, during and after any emergency event.

And our advanced technology does more than alert individuals about severe weather emergencies. Our systems can be customized to alert individuals about flooding, landslides, chemical and radiation levels, and more.

ASC’s advanced technology includes:

  • Voice and tone alert sirens designed for a variety of applications — from communities and nuclear facilities, to college campuses and military bases. ASC’s electronic and mechanical sirens — including its new Clarity siren — set the tone for worldwide safety.
  • CompuLert™ NEXGen Control Station provides simple, effective and customizable solutions to monitor and control emergency sirens. It also integrates with FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, or IPAWS, which provides alerts and warnings to the public when time matters most.
  • Desktop Alerts and cell phone notifications that can reach individuals connected to a college, university, or corporate network, or mobile phones, respectively.

When integrated as a comprehensive system for emergency management, ASC’s suite of technologies have the ability to alert individuals of any threat and save lives.
And ASC is continually innovating to build the most effective emergency management systems, out-delivering our competition and providing the highest quality products and services.

To learn more about ASC and our approach to providing you the emergency management system that fits your needs, contact us today.

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